Kidz Connections

Fortuna Carletto
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Terms & Conditions

All registered users of the website are required to agree to Kidz Connections Terms and Conditions before they are able to access the service.

-Kidz Connections is one stop shop childcare business, run by Fortuna Carletto. Where you find Creche, Drop-in, Nanny and Babysitting Services.

– Fortuna Carletto offers flexible childcare service to meet families needs and a Drop-in Group in Enfield.

– Kidz Connections offers nanny or babysitting services for families looking for a part-time or full time service.

– Kidz Connections offers help and advice for nannies to find a suitable family.

– Kidz Connections offers help and advice for families to find a suitable nanny. Nanny are not employed by Kidz Connections and does not give guarantee with regards to the suitability of the Nanny.

– Kidz Connections have a section for families and nannies to register for” Free”.

– There will be no set-up fee for families and nannies to register with Kidz Connections.

– A fee of £180 applies to families required to be paid in full once a successful placement of a nanny is made. (For more information please contact:

– Nannies and Families completing the registration process must provide complete and accurate information as prompted by the registration process.

– Kidz Connections provides a way of finding families and nannies. Whether you decide to hire a part-time or full-time nanny, find a local childminder, a mother’s help or other childcare services, we are here to help.

– We always check our applicant’s references and certificates thoroughly to ensure we are satisfied with their qualifications and expertise. We also take pride in interviewing all nannies who register with Kidz Connections.

– All the terms of employment and contracts must be agreed between families and nannies who are entirely responsible for these contracts of employment.

– Regardless of whether families or nannies register, you agree to the terms of this Agreement and are responsible for your own posted details.