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Nanny and Babysitting Services in North London

Part-Time Nanny

We offer part-time nannies mainly in North London area. We will hold a sole-charge position, working up to six hours a day. We are responsible for all duties with relation to the child including keeping the child’s bedrooms and play areas clean and tidy, taking care of the child’s laundry and preparing meals for the child.


We offer nanny-shares; the nanny works for and is shared by two families. The families share the cost of employing the nanny, and agree on the terms of her contract together. To work with multiple families, splitting the cost and creating a social and friendly environment for the children and parents.

Temporary Nanny

A temporary nanny will take over the duties from the parent or previous nanny on a temporary basis as required. This service could be for an afternoon / a whole day or for a couple of weeks; whichever is required. The nanny would come into the home and take over the role of the parents for the period that is required.

Daily Babysitting

We offer babysitting for families during the day for up to three hours. This service is aimed to help parents to socialize; going for a meal, out to the cinema, to catch up with friends or a couple of hours at the hairdresser or yoga classes etc…


We offer nanny cover when your nanny is not available and you cannot take the time off. Do you work variable hours through freelance work? If so, you can’t commit to the regular schedule that a nursery requires and are looking for childcare with a flexible solution, for a few hours on an occasional basis. We are used to adapting to a new environment and caring for children who are meeting the nanny for the first time.

Weekend / Evening Babysitting

We offer weekend and evening babysitting on a regular basis or on an occasional basis. This service will benefit even those who consider themselves as stay at home parents and will find themselves in need of a babysitter who can care for their children. Service available after 7pm.

Please Contact Us if you require our nanny services in North London.